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Sunday, August 28, 2011

How I Did It

I have talked with many people just starting out and wondering how to set up their camera. I've been taking digital photos for over ten years and am still learning. Here is my advice....read as many magazines, books and articles online in regards to what you are going to be shooting. For each different situation there are totally different settings. Another tip...shoot like a maniac, check what you've just taken and adjust. At this shoot I took over 700 images. Maybe 20% were OK, 10% were good and maybe 1% were WOW.

With that being said here is what I did to get this shot.

This was early evening at an indoor arena with East and West open areas. There was not spot lighting or flash, just the light from the sun going down. I was shooting with a Canon 7D and Canon 28-135mm lens using shutter priority at 160th second. I kept changing from ISO 400 to 800 and either spot metering or partial metering. Also I kept changing the exposure compensation to allow more light in but making sure I kept a shutter speed fast enough to stop the action.

Now go out there and shoot. It's the best way to learn and it's so danged much fun...especially when you get the results you were hoping for.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Revisiting the USA Desert Southwest 2005

This was my first  ever''Wowser' photo taken in Antelope Canyon Arizona

Way back when in 2005 I was just discovering the wonders of digital photography.  I had my little Canon Rebel X and was on top of the world.  Looking back now at the images I took on this beautiful trip I can only sigh.  And wish I had understood my camera more.  I wasn't used to being able to change my ISO, was scared to death of shooting in RAW and just did not grasp how bad my photos could look when the shutter speed was so slow.  I did use a tripod (sometimes) but regardless of all that I did get some photos that I thought were pretty good.  
So join me on a little walk down memory lane to some of our beautiful desert areas in the Southwest.
Bryce Canyon Utah at Sundown

And Bryce Canyon at Sunrise
North Rim Grand Canyon Arizona
North Rim Grand Canyon at Sundown
Old Paria in Escalante Utah  This was the setting for many Westerns,
including The Outlaw Jesse Wales.

Horseshoe Bend in Page Arizona.  Crawled on my hands & knees to take the 2 images that were later stitched together to create this shot.  No way could I stand and shoot over the edge!

Antelope Canyon in Page Arizona  Followed behind a photo
group and was able to catch remnants of their leftover sunbeams.
More of Antelope Canyon  I liked the ghost like figure in
this sunbeam.  This is created by throwing sand into the sunbeam.

The famous Mittens of Monument Valley Arizona at Sundown

Navajo Indian showing how she weaves baskets in a
native dwelling in Monument Valley

Aztec Ruins in Northern New Mexico

Doorways in the interiors of Aztec Ruins.

Taos Pueblo Taos New Mexico  This is the oldest continual populated community in the USA today.

Cemetery & Bell Tower in Taos Pueblo
One of the homes in Taos Pueblo

Mesa Verde Colorado
Canyonland Utah  This is several images stitched together to make a panorama.
Newspaper Rock in Canyonland Utah
Cactus Blooms in the Desert Springtime

Overlooking one of the large canyons in Canyonland

And last is an often overlooked little valley in Utah called Goblin Valley.  Check out how large these rocks are.  Can you find the people?